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In today’s packaging industry, quality and assurance is vital when looking for a supplier. That’s why at Essential Packaging, our dedicated Quality Assurance & Technical Services Laboratory employs rigorous checking and traceability methods to ensure all products meet specification and that the highest standards of manufacture are maintained throughout the production cycle. All raw materials and components sourced are from facilities that are ethically certified and qualified to appropriate industry standards.

Quality control plays a vital role with inline physical testing as well as precise mechanical testing in our 24 hour operational QA Laboratory. With quality upmost in our minds, we ensure our customers receive a product that they can rely on to be fit for purpose from the very first item in a production run to the last.

Quality at Essential Packaging also encompasses the way we understand customers. From the point of contact, to getting product specifications finalised, we ensure our people and processes are fit for your needs to provide a world class service.

At Essential Packaging, we have a state of the art lab with the latest equipment, running quality tests for our products. Check out some of our tests in action

Crock Tester (Ink Rub Tester) The Crock Testing is to simulate the rubbing action generated by a human finger and forearm. The tester uses a standard pressure and rubbing motion to provide quick and accurate test results. It is used to evaluate the amount of printed ink transferred to other surfaces by rubbing action. This test will ascertain the color fastness by rubbing action either in dry and wet conditions. Dart Impact Tester Falling Dart Impact tester is designed to measure the impact energy of the free-falling dart from a certain height against plastic films. Film Opacity Meter This tester measures the percentage of opacity and whiteness of a plastic film. The more transparent the film the more opaqueness and vice versa. Gloss Meter Test to determine the finish of the surface of the film; matt to gloss, the instrument measures gloss by shinning a known amount of light at a surface and quantifying the reflectance. Jog Test Functional test to determine sealing and bag strength by jogging the bag with prescribed weights. This test performs as though a bag is physically and walked. Film Thickness Gauge The thickness gauge intrument is a measuring device for a non-destructive analysis of the plastic film thickness. The is measured across the transverse direction (TD) and values obtained are taken as spot or average values; derived from pre-determined set of points to be measured, generally 20 points are measured and averaged. Tensile Tester This test is conducted to determine the mechanical properties of plastic film both in Machine Direction (MD) and Transverse Direction (TD). The test measures the force required to elongate the plastic film specimen to its breaking point, the results provides information on the mechanical properties which is to used formulate the best fit film. Elmendorf Tear Test Elmendorf Tear Test measures the resistance to tear in both Machine and Transverse Direction of a given plastic film. Coefficient of Friction tester This test measures the "slippyness" of a product. The test will show how force is needed to overcome static friction. This is an important requirement especially in the mailing bag packaging industry. Film Shrink Tester The test measures the effects of temperature on plastic films. The application of heat causes plastic film to rapidly contract; this effect can be used to seal and pack many items from food to consumer goods.



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