Wicketed Bags

Wicketed bags are a high clarity plastic bags packaged on a U-shaped metal wicket wire that makes dispensing faster and easier. Wicketed bags feature a narrow lip with punched holes that allow the wicket to pass through; our wicketed bags also feature a plastic or rubber washer to secure the stacked bags to the wicket. Whether you are using them for food or non-food our wicketed bags are made from premium food grade raw materials in an eco-friendly environment.

  • Our blends are geared towards your specific needs

  • Can be supplied in a variety of colours

  • Full range of sizes and thicknesses

  • Perforation available for easy peel off

  • High clarity material used to showcase your brand/product

  • Printing available, giving you the utmost quality and capacity for printing your brand

  • Design team at hand to help you with your needs

  • World class quality guaranteed

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