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Collation Shrink Films

Product properties

Minimum Maximum
Micron (µ) 40 150
Width (mm) 600 1,500
Printing Capabilities Up to 8 Colours
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The use of collation shrink film can range amongst products from food and drinks to a host of chemical and industrial applications. Our collation shrink film is engineered to not only protect your product, but to make it stand out on that shelf. With the performance our collation shrink film has alongside the impact it will make on your brand, this truly is a high-performance film we can cater to your needs.

  • Our blends are geared towards your specific needs

  • Can be supplied in a variety of colours

  • Full range of sizes and thicknesses

  • Technical team on hand to help you with your shrinking needs

  • High clarity material used to showcase your brand/product

  • Printing available, giving you the utmost quality and capacity for printing your brand

  • Design team at hand to help you with your needs

  • World class quality guaranteed

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